When You’re Sad, Learn Something, and then Laugh : Saying goodbye to the pity party sucks, but you might find something even better!

Being sad bloody sucks. It's that dull, achy feeling that knawes away at your stomach, and sometimes physically makes your heart feel sore. It's constant, and it sometimes feels inescapable and even the greatest of friends and most wonderfully made cups of tea cannot take the pain away. There isn't a pill that can cure... Continue Reading →

A magical little thing called a Hug.

This morning started out a little rough. I felt lost and an inescapable anxiety was increasingly gnawing away at my stomach.  I put on some classical music (after trying some Nelly and Fleetwood Mac to no avail), and then tried to do a few star jumps and figure out what the hell I was feeling.... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Failure.

"Under certain circumstances failing, losing, forgetting, unmaking, undoing, unbecoming, not knowing may in fact offer more creative, more cooperative, more surprising ways of being in the world even as it forces us to face the dark side of life, love and libido" – Judith Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure.  Recently the term failure has... Continue Reading →

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