The Guy from Harlem is a fittie (but I’m at the bar with my Mum)

The Guy from Harlem is a fittie (but I’m at the bar with my Mum) When you want to work your magic or make flirty eyes at some unsuspecting fittie , having your mother with you is most undesirable (as is the feeling that you are going prematurely grey) It had been an eventful day... Continue Reading →

My First Beer Induced Bicycle Accident

My First Beer Induced Bicycle Accident  Three days ago I decided it was time to buy a bicycle. With the help of my fellow flatmate Leonardo, who hails from Milan, I strolled down to ‘Waterlooplein’ market in search of a trusty vehicle that would enable me to whiz through this marvellous city. After strolling past, and trying out... Continue Reading →

The Bijltjespad Mice.

The Bijltjespad Mice  One thing I will give “De Key” (an Amsterdam based short stay housing organisation) is that they sure know how to put on a good show. Upon arrival at the housing office I was greeted with a steaming hot cup of coffee, deliciously fresh fruit and a... dum, dum, dum BACK MASSAGE!... Continue Reading →

Shall I buy a pair of clogs? I arrived at Schiphol airport bright and early on Monday morning, with a belly full of butterflies and a pocket full of Euros. For someone who had awoken at half past two that morning I was surprisingly chirpy, or the two espressos I had polished before departure were... Continue Reading →

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