Fem-Tastic Fridays : Ida B. Wells

The internet is a magical place full of thrilling stories about numerous badass womxn in history. I got lost in its enticing web a few days ago (when I was supposed to be doing adulty things like paying my rent) and stumbled upon a truly inspiring echelon of  fem-tastic baddassery  : The invincible force that... Continue Reading →

Fem-Tastic Fridays : Elsie Knocker

  Thanks to my mother and her historically fiendish ways, I discovered that I have a really cool ancestor called Elsie Knocker (29 July 1884 – 26 April 1978). Let's pause for one moment to reflect on how terribly great this name is? It seems as if she was my great, great, great aunt, or somewhere... Continue Reading →

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