Self-Deprecating Humour is Funny and All, but You Are Breaking Your Own Heart.

Recently I have put on a bit of weight. And by a bit, I mean a whopping 12 kgs. (27 pounds!) I have never really dealt with weight issues before, but as a pretty short gal, I seem to have ballooned in the last 2 years and am just getting wider, and wider. Most tragic... Continue Reading →

The Tinder Files, My first Three Weeks of Using, Deleting, re-downloading, and failing at Tinder.

Just a girl, standing in front of a touchscreen, asking him to match her. My first 3 weeks of using, and failing at Tinder. I am a hopeless romantic, but I am also a raging commitment-phobe. This does not bode well for dating. Here is a collection of my random thoughts and feelings about Tinder.... Continue Reading →

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