“Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the tree.”

I stumbled upon a little something I wrote last year and was once again reminded about the ways in which life is all about the ebb and flow. One day life feels marvellous, you’re on cloud 9 and you feel like you’re really working that A-game and the next day you feel (and look) like the Whistler’s Mother.

As my Dad says, “Some days you’re the dog and some days you’re the tree.”

Often I feel more like the tree than the dog of late, but on this particular  day I was afforded the dual perspective of feeling like both:

What I learnt:

1) Kids can be evil and anyone who works with them will most likely not have a conflated sense of self at times.

2) The universe atones for this cruelty, plotting little moments that will counteract the effects of their ego basing ways and make you feel like you still have it! 

Point in case about kids being mean:

Conversation with Zahra  after an initially jovial discussion in which she asked her sister if she could swing from her ponytail and I asked her if I could swing from hers:

Zahra: “You have a really huge nose. I could dangle from it.”

Me: “A big nose is the sign of a good and honest person.”

Zahra: “No it isn’t. What about Pinocchio. YOU look like Pinocchio!!!”

*Smug look. Knowing I had no response*

She then took my nose in her clutches and proceeded to try and dangle from it anyway.  Firstly inflicting pain and secondly stretching my nose and making it far bigger than it was in the first place.

Later that day – now feeling forlorn about my now striking resemblance to Gepetto’s wooden son – I was met by a lovely, blue-bin-bag wielding hero at the traffic lights. He professed:

“I love you, I love you, I love you. I want to marry you.”

Unfortunately, I lamented “I am seeing someone”, to which he responded

“It’s okay. I’ll be your spare wheel.” (Saucy!)

It was nice to know that I still had some game, despite the recent events which made my nose even bigger and bashed my dwindling ego.

So the small lesson I got from this peculiar day? Laugh on the day’s where you feel more like the tree than the dog and if you can’t laugh (because sometimes those days are actually very painful and dreary and more horrible than someone telling you that you have a humongous nose), make yourself a delicious cup of tea, snuggle with a fury friend and be gentle with yourself, assured in the belief, that come tomorrow you will probably have a moment where you feel more like the dog again!


So let’s be gentle with ourselves on the bad days? and a little more humble and kind on the good ones. What do you guys do when you need to practice a little more self love? I would love to hear your self-care go-to’s.

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