Fem-Tastic Fridays : Elsie Knocker

  Thanks to my mother and her historically fiendish ways, I discovered that I have a really cool ancestor called Elsie Knocker (29 July 1884 – 26 April 1978). Let's pause for one moment to reflect on how terribly great this name is? It seems as if she was my great, great, great aunt, or somewhere... Continue Reading →

Finding our magic in the squiggly bits

I dread conversations with 'adults' these days. I use the term loosely - since by all intents and purposes I suppose I am chronologically an adult myself - but I don't really feel like one. I am truly terrified at the prospect of making monumental, life-altering decisions. Maybe no one feels entirely okay with this and... Continue Reading →

  Things I have learnt today whilst making my first solo trifle (or three) Otis Redding, Bon Jovi and James Blunt make for a rather lovely, somewhat bizarre trio when making a trifle. Add sherry to everything always and always add more whenever the thought crosses your mind. Taking intermittent sips between layers also makes... Continue Reading →

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