The boy at the bus stop.

Today has been a day of rummaging through my dusty loft and discovering old things. In a tattered journal I found a short entry from 2011. I was going through a blue patch and having a particularly rough day, when I met a strange boy who was able to brighten my mood. He was rather odd and said peculiar things, but his kindness and courage to be himself and reach out to a stranger completely lifted my spirits. I really wish I could find him now, say a big thank-you and maybe rattle his brain a bit.

15th April 2011:

“Yesterday was a bizarre day. I met a very strange but bright character at the bus stop named Alex. He jumped down beside me on the bench and I semi flew into mid air. After looking at me for a moment, he told me that I had sparkly, animated eyes (and how most people’s eyes were so dead like there was a layer of chicken fat over them – peculiar!).

After asking how my day was and hearing my response of “not too great”, he jumped up, grabbed my hands and informed me that I should do a handstand. I couldn’t do this as my top would have flown over my head, so he suggested that I jump up and down and clap my hands. We did this together and I immediately started laughing and felt really happy. He proceeded to tell that me my eyelashes were like the little cranes on toy machines and then, as quickly and unassumingly as he had arrived, he disappeared.

When I arrived on campus Jennifer informed me that I had lettuce in my tooth – Delightful.”

So moral of this weird little story? Next time you see a soppy looking stranger, being a bit mopey at the bus stop with a piece of lettuce stuck in their tooth, extend a little kindness and take them by the hand. Sure, most people will probably think you are bonkers and not partake in aerobic activities, but you might also choose someone who really needs a reason to smile. Thanks random boy. Hope you are happing and smiling yourself!

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