The Guy from Harlem is a fittie (but I’m at the bar with my Mum)

The Guy from Harlem is a fittie (but I’m at the bar with my Mum) When you want to work your magic or make flirty eyes at some unsuspecting fittie , having your mother with you is most undesirable (as is the feeling that you are going prematurely grey) It had been an eventful day... Continue Reading →

I Just Discovered Stroopwafels!

I Just Discovered Stroopwafels  At least fifty percent of Amsterdam’s appeal was all of the cycling. I’m no cycle fanatic (well, I wasn’t one before I got here) but I just loved the idea of a really healthy lifestyle. I envisioned myself cycling and walking everywhere, eating really healthy food and getting that bikini bod... Continue Reading →

My First Beer Induced Bicycle Accident

My First Beer Induced Bicycle Accident  Three days ago I decided it was time to buy a bicycle. With the help of my fellow flatmate Leonardo, who hails from Milan, I strolled down to ‘Waterlooplein’ market in search of a trusty vehicle that would enable me to whiz through this marvellous city. After strolling past, and trying out... Continue Reading →

The Vegetarian faux pas

The Vegetarian Faux Pas The antique grandfather clock in my mothers lounge chimed three loud times to indicate an hour when all normal folk were cosily tucked into their warm beds. As I stepped through the door, creeping on my tip toes so as not to make a noise my stomach roared with a colossal... Continue Reading →

The Bijltjespad Mice.

The Bijltjespad Mice  One thing I will give “De Key” (an Amsterdam based short stay housing organisation) is that they sure know how to put on a good show. Upon arrival at the housing office I was greeted with a steaming hot cup of coffee, deliciously fresh fruit and a... dum, dum, dum BACK MASSAGE!... Continue Reading →

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